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Crossing The Nullarbor

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A few tips.

Cheapest fuel.

  1. Norseman – Caltex near start of Eyre Highway or BP at the Eyre Highway junction.

  2.  Balladonia - in our experience is usually has the dearest fuel anywhere on Eyre Highway.

  3.  Mundrabilla - is used by most trucks hence sells a lot of fuel as is relatively cheap.

  4. Eucla - both sides of the border is usually very expensive. I never refuel there so don't  know current rates.

  5. Penong – again, used by most trucks. Service station is on the north side of highway in middle of town. Recently rebuilt. About same fuel prices as Ceduna.

  6. Ceduna – Shell garage on east side of town. Accepts Coles vouchers.

  7. Port Augusta – Shell on south side of town – may need to do a U-turn but it will be worth it.

If you must get fuel at Balladonia, Caiguna, Cocklebiddy, Madura, Eucla, or Nullarbor Station then only buy enough to get you to the next cheap place – with a bit to spare of course. They all have caravan facilities but we have only stayed where we mention here.


Norseman Caravan Park is very good.

Fraser Range station – 100 ks east of Norseman is excellent. Has power and water. BUT their generator is not adequate to the task when park is at or near full. Power will go off with high demand e.g. evening meal  and breakfast time.

Balladonia has  caravan park with power but no water. However, showers and toilets are available and very good. Good meals available in pub.

Caiguna has quite good caravan park with power but no water.

We have never stayed at Madurah caravan park but has good reputation.

Eucla Border Village Caravan Park  – over the SA border, is quite good. Again power but no water but good ablutions. Pay for showers with dollar coins two is plenty. Haven’t stayed at caravan park in Eucla Village on west side for donkey’s years. Was awful then but I believe it is OK now.

Penong  Caravan Park very good.

In Ceduna we always stay at Shelley Beach caravan park . Out of town, near race course.  Rarely has problems with locals. Clean neat and tidy with friendly staff. Park has power and water and excellent ablutions.

We never stay in Port Augusta – locals regularly visit the caravan parks and steal anything that isn’t nailed down. We always stay at Nutbush Station  on the highway 23 kms west of Port Augusta and about seven kms short of the eastern end of the Eyre Highway. Has power and water, excellent ablutions, BBQs, swimming pool and often, but not always, has roast dinner in the shearing shed.

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