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Delicious Steak Garnish

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Sick of BBQ sauce? Try this really simple, easy to make, very tasty alternative.


Spring onions – one per person.

Sliced button mushrooms – one hand full per person.

Optional – one chopped asparagus spear per person.

Whatever else your imagination or tastes suggest.

One teaspoon of butter. (I don’t care if it is salted or not; kosher or not etc).


After washing simply chop them up and mix together.

Add the mixture to one side of the frying pan or BBQ plate.

Stir frequently allowing juices from the steak to mix in.

You should be cooking on medium heat, about four minutes per side of the steak. (Only ever turn it once.)

When the steak is cooked so is the garnish.

Plate out and pile the garnish atop the steak.

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